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True Norms of Successful Fashion Business: Suggestions By Top Brands’ CEO’s

True Norms of A Successful Fashion Business Suggestions By Top Brands Designers

The previous half-year has been proved very crucial for the lives of people all over the world. There had been massive horrible incidents and changes in all parts of the world. If you consider the change in climate, then Australia has been hit hard by a forest fire and created a non-compensating crisis in the history of the country. This fire disturbed the economy of the whole country.

The second horrible reality arisen in the shape of coronavirus pandemic; it not only created economic crisis but proved world health system faulty. Third odd circumstances came forward into the form of George Floyd murder by the US Policemen. Following it, Black lives matter gained the attention of all worlds towards itself.

All of these incidents affected fashion industry badly. If we are not wrong fashion industry needs to revive according to these horrible incidents and needs to devise a new system to smoothly run in all circumstances. This system should be compatible with health safety, economic growth and dismantle the racism clues. In this way, this industry can play a vital role to keep pace in all kinds of states.

Meeting In Fashion Design Studio
Meeting In Fashion Design Studio

How to catch these events for Positive Business Gestures!

Amina Rizvi who is Executive Director of Sustainable Apparel Coalition said in a fashion industry meeting that we are in the middle of a global crisis and it has changed and will affect the global change. This crisis is providing us an opportunity to reconstruct the memes of the fashion industry for better business.

Till now, brands and companies were focusing their partners to boost up their business to get high profits while limiting the income of employees, local communities. Bergh in this conference was trying to focus on stakeholder capitalism instead of shareholders’.

After the breakout of Covid-19, you have to look for a move that can even scale up your business through a narrow needle hole. You need to be so smarter to avail every little opportunity and this is only possible if you are crazy about scaling up a business and overwhelmed passionately; this was said by Shimona Mehta.

To build up a brand you must maintain quality standards. For this you have to focus every little aspect of company and work hard to establish a value of brand. All type of odd circumstances will never lower down your brand’s business. This was a suggestion from co-founder of Asket sir August Bard-Bringeus.

Furthermore, it was expressed in the conference, as Covid-19 has shaken all the world and still it aftermaths are being felt; you have to create counter-strategy and it’s all about your planning and idea to remain firm with. And that is your moral values to customers.

You have to struggle hard to build this strong relationship with concrete determination. This will start earning profits with slow speed but within some short span of time, it will boost up a business that will never see down. You are nothing and what matters is the value you give to clients and then clients will give values to your brands.


All of the participants gave valuable considerations for a successful business but one should keep in mind that Covid-19 has changed everything about business competition. We have been struggling with our old plans and strategies that will not be so useful in the coming era. So, we have to rebuild our strategies and face more competition in the fashion industry.

A large number of people would have deviated from our products as small fashion industry owners and brands have taken some of our space. We have to wait with patience to establish a perfect business strategy and then with a little effort, our valued brands flourish more than the past.

No doubt, it is a hard period for fashion business but success is waiting for our passionate efforts. This was the conclusion for this fashion brands meeting, said Levi’s Bergh.

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