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Relation of Spirituality, Traditional Fashion, Cultural Fashion and Modern Weird Fashion Styles

Relationship of Fashion and Spirituality

In this era of modernity, everyone assumes to have standards of celebrity fashion style but when a person shows its final look of style, he adopts always the local traditional standards. Why this happens to people? Why they like the same things every time and can’t deviate from their personal likes and dislikes?

This does not happen only to outlook and fashion style of a person but this reality repeats itself in every aspect of life. The reason behind it can be correlated to spiritual vision of peoples. This world has a large number of faiths, cultures, regions, religions and leaders. From birth to death, we always look at them and follow them. Our exposure is bound to these sacred things. Moreover, our culture does not allow looking odd one in the community. So, this thing gets include in our habit and nature to like the same things again and again.

All these styles are persuaded by some other people and instructors but if a person adopts a style beyond these guided lines then this would be the fashion style of inner choice of spirituality.

For example, pants and shirts are the traditional dress of western people. Shalwar and Kameez is the regional tradition of people of sub-continent (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). If Jews wear shalwar and Kameez they will feel some kind of oddness in this dress. Same, a large number of people feel oddness in wearing pants and shirts in these countries of sub-continent of South Asia.

If we take the same scenario about women, common women are not allowed to follow the dress codes of western countries in Asian countries. Arabic dress is not seen anywhere in western countries.

So, one can deviate from this conservative mind only if he or she broadens its exposure by getting out of that specific community, culture and local traditions. After daring so, one can have the same look of those ones whom he observes in digital media.

Now when people of this world have been connected with each other by different means such as internet and television, they can observe a lot of variance in style by different showbiz stars.

These people can avail the opportunity to embed that particular style if same style is liked and displayed by the local media of that region. One can also change the dress code of his local style if one migrates to other countries then he is allowed to follow the same getup style of that country.

Now, we can observe different styles of dresses in the same area and people don’t feel strange about that because they have observed that style in videos, pictures and digital media again and again.

Why Do You Like This Fashion Style

One can guess his likes and dislikes when he looks at someone else outlook style. If you pay heed to its dressing you imagine silently good and bad about that particular style. This feeling will be a mixture of what your style is and what community forces to like a style but major part of these observations belongs to your personal, inner and spiritual likes and dislikes. This is what nature, Allah or God has embedded in you and this is called self-creation or self-selection.

Pace to look in a different style asked us to look Weird

Every day designers are introducing new getup ideas and a large number of small brands are manufacturing their master copies. Models introduce these designs to common people. In this way, within a limited time, one design seems to be worn on bodies everywhere. Type of these styles and fashion do not have long life. Its life is seasonal. This is what common people do to look fashionable.

But what celebrities and super stars own different styles. Designers are the persons who guide and provide them different ideas for their disguise. In early times, dressing and makeup was not so colorful. Celebrities look beautiful with minimal accessories and products and people still remember their fashion styles.

Now, pace and race to look different and more fashionable has changed. Celebrities are introducing those styles which are not easy to adopt. Rather than looking attractive, they seem weird and odd. These styles do not belong to real life fashion. In fact, these designs are unwearable.

They give only an idea for different and new design which seems attractive only in paper and digital interface. But you cannot copy that for daily life or even for some special event.

Fashion is the name of looking sensible and if it makes you non-sense then this is only wastage of time and money.

Why are these designs showcased in catwalks and fashion runways if they are not for any use?

Answer to this question is creativity and artistic work to be introduced by a well known designer or new designers. Such designs are only for glamour, joy, entertainment but they include hard work of months to introduce such a masterpiece of weird design. This is only for marketing but not for casual use.

Nowadays, in Hollywood movies world has seen these designs to be useful. A large number of weird designs have now been put on by famous actors and actresses. Movies like batman, superman, hulk, guardians of galaxy and other sci-fic films have availed the same ideas of bizarre designs.

These designs are only some complex painting hanging in a hall which has message in a different way and people appreciate much and pay much for it. These designs are good for business and to get coverage for brand from media. Brands also show off these designs to display their artistic work and those people who belong to fashion industry like and appreciate them very much. These designs are only for elite class of fashion lovers but not for common people.

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