History of Paris Fashion and Beauty Queens of World

History of Paris Fashion and Beauty Queens of World

Fashion means a style of living which is adopted by a lot of people together. Fashion is widespread appealing countenance. It is worth mentioning to be a trend. Fashion seems to be in different outfits including dress, shoes, makeup, haircuts and way of living. In other words fashion reflects the way of living and values of a society. Likewise, fashion depends and is promoted by industry. These days fashion has become a need of time.

History of Paris Fashion

The first person to introduce the fashion was Charles Frederick in 1826. He is believed to be the pioneer to introduce fashion designing. The first fashion house was built by him in Paris. From that time a new trend began to build fashion houses. He began to suggest the clients about their clothing whether it suits on them or not. People became more conscious about their outfits and looks day by day. He remained remarkable from 1826 to 1895.

Paris Beauty Models of History

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How the Lust for Better Look Started!

With the passage of time, fashion became the trend, fashion designers started to heir people for their fashion houses or community. The customers used to examine unique designs and then they choose the design they think the best. In result of that a trend began to set to show different designs and patterns to clients and sew them.

When the twentieth century started, much advancement occurred in fashion designing. These advancements moved from Paris to France. Then they moved towards different areas of world making the Paris a capital of fashion designing.

In the late twenties many changes took place, people developed a taste of selecting the outfits and styles according to their personality. This produced an aesthetic sense in people to adopt a unique style of their own choice instead of depending on others choice.

How a Fashion Trend Sets in?

People who are in power like politicians have a great impact on their followers. Public always idealizes them, this also helped the fashion industry to be uplifted by politicians. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Princess Diana are prominent personalities who are symbols of fashion. Different events also set a trend to adopt a specific style or design in public.

Princess Lady Diana is among the pioneer of Fashion Setters

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Jacqueline Kennedy

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In this era of technology and advancement, fashion has touched its peak. Digital printing has set a new trend in fashion industry. It presents a unique and appealing pattern for clothes.

Sometimes artists promote a specific trend in their followers. People used to follow their outfits, wearing, styles to look like them. So it helps to promote the new trends and fashions in people.

Last but not the least fashion has become a way to show one’s culture and values. It is a part of our life. It is not linked to any specific area instead it has prevailed everywhere.

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