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Fashion Industry Lost the Glamour of Fashion Shows in July 2020

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As Covid-19 surrounded the world with its infection almost every aspect of life got an infection too. People have to change their lifestyle, business routine, work timing, outing plans, diet plans, dressing style, meetings SOP’s, shopping and celebrations ways. No one could save himself from this deadly virus.

People were forced to be restricted within their homes for months. Students were helpless to go to their institutions to attend their classes. Laborers were prohibited to earn anything as nothing was outside to do except silent streets. There spread all around awful fears and rumors to get infected if you get out of homes.

All business models were enforced to change to a new one; for, pre covid-19 business models were not compatible to post coronavirus infections circumstances. When we look back to recently past miser conditions of this modern world it seems like a horrible dream whose fear remains long after opening eyes. After its breakout of 6 to 7 months still world is feeling its poisoned sting.

During this span of time, only medicine and supplement business flourished as this business saves life. Every other business got down. One of the businesses which felt its poison the most was fashion industry business.

Though this dreadful period is not over till now but people are now forced to come out to meet up their expenses same like world’s leading personalities of fashion industry. They have come up with a solution to change their business style completely. Now leading businessmen of world of this fashion industry are arranging meetings to meet up with the post-covid-19 challenges to grow business.

The owners, CEO’s and designers of top brands came to a result to postpone or abandon all the shows and catwalks that were pre decided to coronavirus pandemic breakout.

July 2020 Lacks What July 2019 Had!!!

Fashionist world is feeling very desperate in July 2020 because there had been great glamour of people in July 2019 in all Major centers of fashion studios, fashion venues and catwalk shows especially in Paris which is the main center of fashion glamour in the world.

Almost all famous designers of the world participate in fashion week shows in the current month. July is important because in this month summers are at the peak and people take much interest in adopting fashion accessories of beauty, dresses, glamour and follow fall summer fashion trends.

What Type of Glamour July 2019 Had!

A lot of journalists and reporters book their plane tickets to attend the shows. People all around the world travel to observe the fashion models’ dresses, makeup styles, and their unique improvisations. Those designers who are participating in the shows present their new getup ideas. A large number of textile industries’ officials keep eyes to learn more about designs in these catwalk shows. There are sparks of camera flashes in all fashion venues to capture the moments of these fabulous looks.

Women Fashion Week Show Photo Shot
Women Fashion Week Show Photo Shot

But now in July 2020, people are banned to travel in other countries. They are asked to keep social distancing and stay away from each other to make secure others from this coronavirus infection. There is no any glamour, no hustle of making and decorating stages, no sound of music but what exists is the silence all around. There is no sign of growing fashion business.

In all these scenarios, still designers and top fashion brands are struggling to maintain their business pace if they are unable to enhance it. They have decided to abandon all physical shows and resort to digital technology to share their best design ideas to rest of the world.

To keep the excitement of physical shows they have arranged digital shows so those fashion industries moan not any more due to this covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

Now fashion world is asked to restrict to their TV screens to watch these live catwalks and designers collections and on social media platforms especially for Paris fashion shows.

People are not facing any worries of jammed traffic, ticket booking and have been relieved from the wait of arrival of celebrities. They are watching all these shows from homes sitting in their sofas and laying on beds.

Though for people this is quite comfortable for common people but designers are not happy with this arrangement nor the participants because they are saying that there is no joy to present new collections when there are no observers and roar of clapping and voice of singers and sound of music.

Observers are of the view that they could not judge the presented designs on TV screens well as they used to amuse live in front of their eyes in the past years.

Top fashion brands have managed to show their collections but they could not maintain the glamour of physical fashion shows. The conclusion is that TV screens cannot take place to physical shows joy and attraction and after covid-19 these catwalk shows, fashion week shows and exhibitions in front of people will be restored and digital fashion shows have no place in the future.

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