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Face Mask Fashion Trend is Helping to Control Covid-19 Infection Spread

Face Mask Fashion Trend

It does not feel odd to wear a mask nowadays because Covid-19 has forced humans to adopt this wear in routine. As this pandemic spread and established it’s severity in the whole world, it was an inevitable thing to produce and introduce this mask necessity with a large variety of designs and colors with respect to matching and contrast of disguise and costume.

Before this pandemic, only surgical masks were used in hospitals for protections from infections. It was available in two to three colors only and no one used it outside of hospital and operation theaters. But Covid-19 has given an accessory to fashion designers to focus on and provide a vast variety of face masks.

Face Mask Fashion Trend
Face Mask Fashion Trend

In one way, it did not onlyl give designers an opportunity to introduce new designs but has flourished their business too. Top world-class designers‘ masks were used by famous showbiz and social media influencers and they marketed well for their business in addition to protection from coronavirus infection.

Face Mask Usage Is A Part of Fashion Now

Now face masks selections are being taken as a fashion accessories. People watching their super stars of showbiz are trying to follow them. There are a number of varieties that are available in the market now. Keeping in view the aspect of health, which one mask is made for you?

Which Mask is Made for You?

You have to choose a mask according to your health status. Is it only for fashion? Are you suffering from coronavirus infection? Where are you going wearing a mask outside home? These are the preliminary questions; people have to ask themselves and then have to wear a fashionable mask for better look.

If a person is suffering from an infection, you need to wear a surgical mask or N95 mask. If you are not suffering from this infection luckily, then you have a lot of choices to select a mask. Designers are using a cloth mask that has a perfect match with the dress.

Cloth Face Masks are the Best

If you visit instagram and other social media channels, all of influencers are using cloth masks with a beautiful match with dress, bra and skirt.

Though we concern only fashion-related things but in this period of the pandemic we will give some recommendations which are advised by doctors to maintain good health. Dr. Muthulingam from Washington University says cloth mask is a better choice to wear in summer season as it has a fine fabric and provides comfort to skin.

Picture Source: google image

If you are in a room then other fabric can also be used but when you are outside of home, direct sunlight on face will definitely damage face skin and you will also feel some kind of suffocation and sweat; that is not for what masks are used. So, cotton fabric is best for masks in summer season.

Summer Fashion and Face Mask Selection

Those masks which give a gap between fabric and skin are the best one to use. As it give a proper distance from skin which does not leaves signs on skin and provide a fresh air and does not cause sweat on face. The good thing about these face masks is that they are reusable and washable, unlike surgical masks.

Celebrities Role For Face Mask Use

Celebrities have played a vital role in giving awareness to common masses to stop the spread or limiting the pandemic with their face mask fashion show off. They have given strong message to adopt precautionary measures to save others lives.

Governments of different countries also did well to control it but showbiz people influenced people more. Now, the question arises for how much time this fashion will sustain. Will it continue for all time same like the fashion of sunglasses, caps and hats to protect from strong heat waves?

We guess that it will continue for long time but will not remain for all times.

Face Mask A Permanent Accessory for Fashion!

There are many other questions that have been given birth by coronavirus infection. If mask fashion continues then what about real face beauty show off. Will only eye makeup be in trend? These answers will be given by time in the future.

Importance of Fashion Designers Face Masks Exhibition

Designers of famous brands have introduced face masks and have presented in catwalks and fashion shows. They are not only making money from these masks but have given a message to protect yourself and your loved ones from this horrible virus infection.

After face masks presentation in fashion weeks, they have gained much more popularity as before. As supplies these beautiful masks came into markets a big sale has been seen in the industry. The business of face masks will touch a number of $20 billion in next 5 years.

Source: Marketwatch

Why Fashion Industry is Important for Protection from Coronavirus Infection

Big and small brands focused to introduce their own products and now when you look at people in streets and bazaars, you observe a large variety of beautiful face masks. This focus of all fashion-related brands will not only give a beautiful masks range but will fulfil the deficiency of face masks in the markets. This fashion trend has been adopted by women more than men as usual.

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