Discover the Truth about Hot Showers and Your Hair

Discover the Truth about Hot Showers and Your Hair

To understand the complete care for hair health, people should be familiar with some key notes of hair structure and composition.

There exist two layers in hair scalp. One is dermis and second one is hypodermis. Hair starts to grow and ejects out between these two layers. The point from which hair has roots is called follicles. The other name for follicles is hair bulbs.

Hair need proper amount of amino acids, vitamins and minerals for better growth and health which is provided by blood flow. Sebum produced by a gland behaves like lubricant for hair.

Functions of Epidermis

Fatty lipids surround the epidermis in the form of a layer and protect the epidermis. It also absorbs water content and minerals and maintains the moisture for hair health.

It behaves same like butter on the knife. If provided with heat butter starts to melt and if provided with cold it remains sticky on the knife.

Hot Water Shower

Purpose of taking bath and washing hair is to clean the dirt and dust and feel freshness. Dust might cause damage to hair but does not belong to hair growth. Hair always remain in falling mode; less or more.  Hairs which fall naturally without any disease regrow and replace the fell ones.

Hot water shower is not bad for hair health. It only damages when it’s too hot. Hot water damages the epidermis and fatty lipids layer if degree of hotness is more than 40C0. This degree of water hotness not only damages the skin but hair scalp too as dermis layers are more sensitive to this temperature.

Damages of Hot Showering

Hot water can even cause massive hair loss if you take bath daily with a temperature more than 40C0. Normal temperature for hot shower should not be more than 37C0. At this temperature skin and hair feel comfort.

If a younger person is allowed hot shower, hair might start falling but regrow within days. But in old age, it takes too much time and hair fall keep on catching speed. If an old person is taking hot shower it might cause redness on skin and sometimes eczema too.

Hot water opens cuticle and cause swelling of hair. Hot water causes scratches on hair and its protein. In this way, dryness becomes more obvious, shine vanishes and thinning of hair starts and if it gets a pattern, hair from roots starts thinning first and it moves to top and all hair health gets down. But it does not happen within weeks. It might be a result of taking regular hot showers for months to years.


Never use too hot water which is damaging to skin and hair and prone hair to stiffness. It also cause dryness

Don’t shampoo daily.

Apply oil 3 times in a week for maintaining thickness and freshness of hair but after oiling must wash till next day. Scalp will absorb the necessary oily nutrients and excess oil and sebum will be wiped out by washing with warm water.

It is said that cool water is far better than hot water to take bath. Cool water brings shine and gives strength to scalp and dermal layers whereas hot water is not as beneficial as cool water.

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