Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her and Him

Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her and Him

Valentines Day Gift

Let’s skip the last-minute teddy bear from the grocery store this Valentine’s Day in favor of something a little more meaningful. While we’re not opposed to dark chocolate or heartfelt cards, we prefer to up the ante with gifts that will be remembered forever. We’ve collected thoughtful gifts to share the love.

There are so many ways to express the special three-word phrase, saying “I love you” naturally gives him or her one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for both men and women that will leave the impression and feel appreciated. Well, it doesn’t have to be extravagant! Perhaps it’s a night in, cooking your significant other’s favorite homemade meal, or bringing a fresh bouquet of flowers in the foyer. Handwritten notes or folded laundry are also effective ways to share the sentiment.

The key to Valentine’s Day shopping for a loved one is to ask the big, bold question: “Will you ever use this?” Not to generalize too much, but Men prefer Practical Gifts like Special Suitings, Handmade Ties, Customized Shoes, etc whereas women like to have Fancy or Party Wear Dresses, Air-rings, Sandals, or Perfumes. They are attracted to things that will make their lives easier and more efficient. So, when deciding which gift will best say “I love you,” consider his lifestyle. Isn’t it true that this is what makes Valentine’s Day so special?

Blazer for Him

He still believes in getting dressed for dinner and has an affinity for classic menswear. This grey checked blazer is the perfect gift for your special one on this Valentine’s Day. For an ensemble that’s absolutely camera-worthy, pair a grey check blazer with a black dress shirt.

White Shirt With Inside Paisley Trimming

Whether you’re celebrating a long-term romance, a treasured friendship, or just a flirtation with the new barista at your usual café, Valentine’s Day is the occasion to treat the special guy. Select this formal white shirt with inner paisley trim and black threading on the collar for a professional and approachable appearance.

Blazer for Her

If you are fortunate enough to be in the throes of love, what better way to express your love than with one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts? This year, choose a thoughtful token made to cherish. Gift your special one an impressive collection of chic designer suits at Dezynish from designer Arno by Anny. Go bold with an exciting printed design, or look timelessly chic in a classically tailored monotone piece. The most iconic styles are here for the taking.

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