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Covid-19 and Fashion Weeks 2020 By Top Fashion Designers Brands of World

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How will fashion houses present their collections after the confinement?

Three months ago, the Covid-19 pandemic started in American European countries. Governments imposed lockdown and instructed people to restrict to their homes. Now, when the lockdown is being eased, people want to come out of their homes and want to live a free life. People have begun to start a normal life.

In the same manner, fashion designers and the fashion industry are also planning to schedule or managing to reschedule their announced events, exhibitions, and fashion weeks dates. Covid-19 forced world-class designers to completely change their plans.

You can get trusted news from the main giants of fashion industry designers here.

Announcement from Armani

At the start of this May, Armani declared about their fashion show for 2020 collection that it will hold in any date of September 2020. All-weather costumes and other fashion-related showcases will be presented in this show.

Source: armani

Announcement from Saint Laurent

One of the top fashion industry share holder Saint Laurent has announced that they are not going to show their collection in shows. All of this decision has been taken due to Covid-19.

Source: YSL


Gucci has announced through its director that in this year our fashion shows will be lesser in quantity and will use minimal avenues for their runway shows. It is expected that two shows will be held for Gucci display.

Source: Gucci Official Website

British Fashion Council

Covid-19 Pandemic was on its peak in the last week of April. British Fashion Council made an announcement in the same week that they will not invite people in their London fashion shows but they will present their collection online to keep social distancing and to care for people from coronavirus pandemic. Show of men and women costumes collection will be live in the one show. No separate exhibition will be entertained. Council announced that this fashion show will be held in the month of June.

Reference: BFC

CNM Italy

As every business is shifting towards the digital world due to Covid-19, CNMI also announced to come live on their website for all of their fashion shows which will be presented in Milan. They will display all season variety of costumes for men, women, and children. They have planned to visualize their collection in the mid of July of this calendar year.

Paris Fashion Show by FHCM

FHCM is also following the protective measures to show their collection in Parish Fashion Week in July online. This show will remain live for 4 consecutive days. They will display collection for 2021 for men and women.

Source: FHCM

Ermenegildo Zegna

Ermenegildo Zegna is among the Top fashion designer of Italy. This company is presenting its men fashion collection for more than 100 years and has hired top fashion designers of the world. Their fashion show will also go live. They will display men collection for spring and summer.

Pyer Moss

Almost all fashion designers’ brands are showcasing their designs online. In the same way, one of the most popular fashion designer brand Pyer Moss of America also following the same pattern to showcase their products. Its fashion show will take place in the month of September in New York. Avenue has not been decided until now by this brand and will be announced in the next month.

Source: Pyer Moss

How Covid-19 Helped the Top Fashion Brands of the World

COVID-19 has given an edge to all these brands by enhancing their customers due to general reach to all people of the world on an online platform hence they will get more business and will earn more revenue. So, the negative aspect of COVID-19 has confined people to their homes and at the same time, its positive aspect has helped these top fashion brands to increase their business through online presence.

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