Author: Casey Williams

  • Showcased Runway Styles of 2021 | A True Spirit of Fashion Designers Art

    Showcased Runway Styles of 2021 | A True Spirit of Fashion Designers Art

    Fashion fall 2021 is full of new designs and trends. Everyone is enjoying the fashion weeks especially in New York and Milan. Fashion pace had been very fast in past years but 2021 is providing the true soul to look and choose fashion styles all over the world. All the selections and ideas of outfits, […]

  • Fashion Trends That Will Be Big In 2021

    Fashion passion is not going to stop even in the pandemic times of coronavirus. Start of 2021 has brought a large variety of designs and has unveiled unbelievable styles to adopt for fashion. People have been caught by the magic of these stylish outfits. Fashion week show in New York has enhanced the joy and […]

  • Side Part Hairstyle is Better or Middle Fringe down Style? | Gen Z and Millennials Hairstyle Riot Decision Announced

    It is a fact that beauty of men and women too much belongs to hair. The more beautiful are your hair the more you look gorgeous. A riot has arisen on different social media platforms special on tik tok and instagram that side part hairstyle is old age fashion. Gen Z stress that people should […]

  • This is when COVID-19 cases will rise in the US and why, says CDC

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said when COVID-19 cases in the US are expected to rise and why. At the moment, COVID-19 cases in the US are continuously dropping, but according to the CDC that might not stay that way. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director, […]

  • This is how many new COVID-19 strain cases there are in the US

    New coronavirus case variants are popping up around the country, but how many are there in total? John Hopkins has the answer. There are multiple strains of COVID-19 in the United States, and now Johns Hopkins University has said how many new COVID-19 strain cases have been reported in total. One Johns Hopkins University expert […]

  • New York Fashion Week Show 2021

    New York is the hub of fashion. All fashion take birth from here. Due to Covid-19 it was being heard that these fashion weeks show will be cancelled but now time has come and they started with their schedule. Only difference is the absence of viewers. Fashion week shows are being held in New York […]

  • 5 DIY Homemade Natural Skin Care Tips

    With time almost every person faces problems of skin. Some are suffered in such big skin issues that they need medicine. These people only intend to control and stop growing these problems. Some people don’t suffer major problems and they want a better skin and beauty. People of category one are indulged in severe acne […]

  • Grey Hair Production Causes and Natural Treatment

    A large number of people are facing premature greying of hair. People ware indulging in this problem before this era but there numbers very short and older ones were being preyed of this malady. But now in current times these streaks of silver and white lines are being faced in early ages and in large […]

  • Did Fergie just reveal Eugenie’s baby name?

    Sarah Ferguson is known for her quirky outlook and eye-catching presence, so why not use it to make a subtle statement? The Duchess of York recently became a grandmother after her daughter Princess Eugenie gave birth to a baby boy earlier this month. And while fans are still waiting eagerly to hear the moniker Eugenie’s given […]

  • The ‘Office of Melania’ Slams Media’s ‘Unhealthy Obsession’ With the Former First Lady

    A number of social media users argued that media attention towards a former first lady of the United States is not exactly out of the ordinary. The Office of Melania Trump, whose opening was announced on Twitter last week, has slammed a recent CNN article about the ex-FLOTUS’ lifestyle amid her husband’s second impeachment trial. […]