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Alessandro Michele Disclosed Plans to Boost Up Gucci’s Sales by Boycotting Fashion Shows

Alessandro Michele

The creative Director of Gucci’s all collections Mr. Alessandro Michele gave his plan to grow the fashion industry in the days of quarantine previous week. This plan includes manifesto for fashion shows representation to common masses. How designers can show their best articles, when they have to supply their products to stores and when these articles are available for sale to people.

Alessandro Michele
Alessandro Michele Creative Director Gucci

Picture Source: Gucci

After this announcement, everyone is looking for these exhibitions, stores supplies orders, and sale tactics. In short, this move from Gucci gave life to the fashion industry and other top designers to work anxiously during this pandemic period and now everyone is planning to capture these events.

A meeting was held on the 14th of May in which top fashion designers and fashion industry owners participated to give their suggestions to improve this business due to changes in the behavior of people after the Coronavirus outbreak. It was decided that no fashion show will be organized for fashion designers but for common customers to directly influence shoppers, not designers.

In this way, more and more people will observe latest designs and stores will be able to start their sales in very short period of time. There will be no discrimination of articles with respect to gender type but all type of collections will be presented in the fashion show.

From 2021, these exhibitions will be held three times (January, February and June) in a calendar year.  Articles will reach directly to stores for sale and people will not have to wait for months for availability of these designs in market as was a tradition before Covid-19.

These big brands of the world will sell their collections of famous designers in the main season of the weather. No pre-collections will be shown before the respective weather arrives.

In December and January, winter season clothes will be in-market and for the summer season, July and August will show their new articles. So, there will be no pre-collection marketing and advertisement.

There will no discount offers on famous days like Black Friday. Customers will have to bear full-fledge prices for their selected products.

What Benefit Brands Will Take Do This?

All of the above-mentioned things pretend for less business then what advantage these brands will have to do this. Actually, they are trying to not show their collections to press before they come into the market because many other brands try to copy and replicate designs and they have to suffer some sort of less business or sales.

That is why they are trying to not show their articles before the start of a specific season and other brands will have less choice and time to produce a replica of their own designs. Customers will go to top brand articles and will give hot sales to their business.

Do All Fashion Industry Stakeholders Agree To This Proposal?

The question arises, do all companies and brands think the same as this. Do they do not want to show their pre-fall collections and don’t want to participate or organize fashion week shows. The answer is no! Many of the fashion designers don’t agree with this plan by Gucci. They say people need time to get familiar with their articles.

When the season is on the peak, fewer people will go shopping and will have bought their necessary costumes and clothes. This means customers will deviate from other brands and will have a massive effect on their business. So, a pre-fall collection show is necessary and will boost up their sales.

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