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5 Practical Beauty Tips for Combination Skins

Nature of skin differs from person to person. Some people have dry skin characteristics and some entertain oily skin. These people can take care better of their skin with general care guidelines.

But when people feel that their skins have both dry and skin parts; it becomes more difficult to figure out solutions for such combination skins problems. Oily skin mostly faces greasy feeling and this oil results in pimples and blackheads appearance on face. Dry skin resorts to dullness and flakes especially on face parts such cheeks and eyes. These skins need regular care to balance all the skin parts to show off smooth complexion. is going to deliver all of its audience five practical beauty tips for combination skin which will help them out to tackle almost all the possible problems which such skins can face.

  1. Use of Face Cleanser

When a person having combination skin spends it’s time working whole the day outside of home it’s skin get exposure to dirt and impurity. To protect your skin from it you need to use facial cleanser to normalize the oily zones of face parts and even protects over drying areas of skin. You can choose the cleanser of any standard brand which you believe on for better results.

  • Use of Scrub and Moisturizer

Combo skins need more focus to take care of it. In addition to using cleanser, people should also apply a scrub which is suitable for all skins. It will protect skin from absorbing environmental dust and impurities. It will give a polishing touch to dead, dry and oily skin. After using a scrub people should apply a moisturizer. Moisturizer should be oil free properties. This moisturizer will give a smooth touch and helps to tighten the skin and reduces aging factors. After this step you need not to touch skin again and again to have better results.

  • How to Protect Skin from Excess Oil

You need to have blotting papers to deal with oily parts’ excess shine. You can use them time by time when you expose your face to open air for long time. These papers will absorb all the excess oil of skin and help to maintain a natural glow throughout the day.

  • Use of Sunblock

All the people should use sunscreen when coming out to sunshine. But those people who have combination skin must use Broad Spectrum Sunblock. Only care in selecting the sunblock is using and selecting a medicated sunblock with SPF value more than 30 which is considered harmless to skin.

  • Use of Charcoal Mask

All people of world are facing corona virus infection and use of mask is inevitable nowadays. You need to change face mask daily to protect different dry and oily parts of face. Now a large variety of face masks is in use which is not being used only for infection pattern but for skin care too. Charcoal containing face masks are better because they help to draw out impurities from face.

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