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5 Nail Painting Tips for a Salon Like Finish

Nail painting is as important as face makeup. For a perfect nail polish application, certain things should be taken into consideration for a professional nails look. How manicurists bring perfection in their work is a big question. Today, we will discuss some of the secret tips for professional nail painting application.

In addition to nail makeup, removing of nail polish is also recommended to learn to better care the life and beauty of nails.

Step by Step Nail Painting Tips

First nail painting tip to start with is Nail Trimming

Before applying nail polish professionals look at the structure and growing pattern of nails. These patterns exist into shapes. First is smiling pattern and other one is straight line pattern. If a client has smiling pattern (rounded from sides of nails) its shape should be rounded and trimming is done according to maintaining the natural pattern.

If someone has straight pattern it should be trimmed into square form. If these patterns are not followed health of nails could be compromised. So, if you are doing it at home must abide by this rule.

For smile trimming, start from the sides of nail with nail clippers and focus to achieve the required length of nails. For square shape, start trimming from the center but with great care because it might involve pain.

Buffing is a secret for perfect nail paint

After trimming nails for natural shape, buffing is required. Buff means to gain a plain and smooth nail shape. It is necessary because it give an opportunity for paint to stick thoroughly on the nail surface.

Cuticle Role in Nail Painting

Always use oil on the nails and its cuticles to elongate the nail area. For it, gently apply oil on the cuticles and push them back to increase the area and length of the nails. It increases the strength of nails too. You might cut cuticles if needed but do it with great expertise. A wrong cut to cuticle can lead to infection and tear too.

Washing is Necessary

After oiling nails you need to wash it as any extra oil can cause the polish to split here and there. You can also a brush to dry it whether oil or water. Another method to wipe out oil is to use cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. This will lead to smooth process for better nail painting.

Base Coat of Nail Paint

All of the above described procedures are pre nail painting processes. The main process starts now. Hold or keep hand in a way that it should not move even a little bit and apply nail polish with brush and keep the first layer of polish thinner. Thin layer gives a uniform paint layer all over the nail area and does not clot even in a dot size. Now let it dry for one or two minutes.

Second Coat of Nail Polish

After applying thin coat of nail paint now it’s time to start for more crucial step. Second coat is always a difficult because it will give you the final look of nail coloring. Start from the cuticle into the center of the nail and pull back the brush towards tip of nails. Then apply from either side. This order of painting makes the procedure easy and smooth and no bubbling is produced.

Important Note

Some professionals suggest applying third coat of nail polish too. They say that third nail polish coat enhances the sticking time of nail paint and keeps the color fresh. You don’t need to apply nail polish again and again from the start but if you have perfectly coated the nails in first two coats then third coat can be reapplied 2 or 3 days later for new fresh look.

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